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Maya Healthcare Logo

Home health software made simple.

Created by doctors, nurses, administrators and software engineers.


An EMR designed with you in mind. Our user interface was designed with help from real-life home healthcare nurses, admins, and staff. That means we heard about common struggles, errors, and pain points, right from the source.

Simplified Scheduling

Schedule visits with ease, including:

Multi-visit and series scheduling

Patient, employee, and agency-level schedule views

Scheduling notes for important reminders

Automatic record of billable and payable visits


Intuitive Navigation

Find everything you need, right where you’d expect it to be. Our system is designed to feel like an app you’d use every day, not an out-of-date database.

Save time, effort and money

Maya provides the features you need, when and where you need them.

Mobile consent and signature capture

Patient condition-over-time reporting

Agency-level customization

Billing, claims, and payroll capabilities

Physician order tracking

e-Sign HomeCare

Why now?

Maya Healthcare Logo

Home healthcare agencies must do everything they can to retain their workers at a time when nursing labor costs are rising.

Our software removes one key barrier to staff retention by making nurses’ day to day jobs easier. We offer this solution at a much lower cost than popular enterprise solutions. Maya Healthcare’s technology does it at a price that small to midsized agencies can afford.

More automated processes

Billing and payroll without the hassle. Fewer scheduling and care miscommunications.

Plan for the future

Budget, remittance, and cash flow forecasting.

Keep agencies out of trouble

Compliance tracking + hints and tips for OASIS documentation.

Provide multi-service options

Product offerings for hospice
and home care.